Rosendale Primary School

Rosendale School is preparing a new development masterplan with Cullinan Studio. However, in the short term they require more facilities and we’ve been asked to help develop an economic solution, in preparation for the arrival of a new class of Reception pupils in Autumn 2018.

So that money spent on the new extension is not be wasted, we’ve developed a design that can be reused. The structure uses prefabricated timber panels, connected together on site, such that they can be easily disassembled and stored efficiently for reuse elsewhere.

We also wanted to save money on the foundations, and avoid wasting 2.2m deep mass concrete strip foundations – which the NHBC guide recommends. To achieve this we investigated the existing building foundations and ground conditions, and proposed the use of ground screws instead.

Ground screws are galvanised steel, which gives them a 100 year useful life. They’re installed with a relatively small rig, making them more economic than traditional piling, and they can be withdrawn for reuse elsewhere.

We’re looking forward to this project being completed during the summer holidays, ready for the beginning of Autumn term

  • Architect: Cullinan Studio
  • Photography: Cullinan Studio