Dulwich pavilion – award winning, lightweight, elegant and economic

The American Architecture Prize 2017 – Winner

Civic Trust Pro Tem Award Winner

StructureMode and IF_DO architects won a national competition to design and build this pavilion, commissioned by the London Festival of Architecture to celebrate the Dulwich Picture Gallery’s 200th anniversary year.

StructureMode designed the elegant and lightweight timber roof so it appears to float 5.5m in the air, suspended by only three mirrored panels that are 5cm thick. All other mirrored panels are removable to provide a flexible event space. We used a system of reusable ground screws for the foundations, so they can be easily removed without even damaging the grass.

We worked closely with IF_DO and Weber Industries to coordinate and refine all details, including cladding and door details so everything slots together beautifully.

Weber Industries conscientiously absorbed all our information to prefabricate and preassemble most of elements, before delivery to site. This allowed the pavilion to be built in only 3 weeks on site, which achieved a very tight programme and kept disruption to a minimum.

  • Architect: IF_DO
  • Fabricator: Weber Industries
  • Photography: Joakim Boren / Agnese Sanvito
  • Images: Forbes Massie (copyright)