Seismic designed constrained masonry using locally fired earth bricks

The Kuk project is about the creation of an agricultural training centre for young people in the North-West region of Cameroon. In this fertile area, most farmers are aged between 50 and 70 and a lot of young people turn their eyes to too-often-deceptive urban lifestyle. In an effort to counter the global ageing of the rural population, the centre aims at providing a hub for acquiring new agricultural skills that lead to better quality crops.

The building is located in a slightly seismic volcanic area and this had to be addressed in the structural design. The site being very remote, the use of locally fired bricks was a must-do to keep the construction within budget. To limit the impact of uplift and seismic forces on the building, some rebars connected to the slab and the roof timber truss are running along each pier. The piers are distributed so that lateral loads can be resisted in each direction, whilst keeping the layout open and well ventilated.

  • Architect: Orkistudio