Fishing hut style timber Meanwhile workspaces

Civic Trust Pro Tem Award Winner 

We designed a series of nine tall and narrow workspaces based on a fisherman’s hut. Together with a cafe in a double-decker bus and occasional market stalls they form a new meanwhile space in Wood Green on an previously disused car park.

We developed a very simple and efficient system of timber frame with minimal structure and almost no foundations. We managed to justified to Building Control that the existing unreinforced concrete car park slab could distribute the hut loads sufficiently, as a raft slab, to avoid the need for dedicated foundations. Reuse is best!

The huts were built mostly by students and volunteer workers, many of whom were unskilled. So all our structural details were kept as simple as possible to help make it all possible.

  • Architect: Jan Kattein Architects
  • Client: Jan Kattein Architects and Meanwhile Space CIC (aka High Street Works Ltd)
  • Photography: Jan Kattein Architects and Warren Cooper Photography