German Embassy London

We have been appointed to refurbish the grade I listed facade of this embassy building in central London.

We are investigating all the existing features on the facade, including the, stone bottle balustrades, cantilever balconies and decorative urns and the wrought iron balustrades.

Unusually we found many of the stone elements have been installed using timber dowels which are rotten. Throughout the process we have tried to minimise disruption to operation of the embassy during the works and to the existing building fabric.

The existing brickwork was very poor quality, having been fired on site using locally excavated clay. We liaised at length with English Heritage to agree bespoke repair details in many places, to maintain the historic fabric.

Part of our involvement was to design a new external staircase which was designed and detailed through a process of extensive dialogue with the Architects, Patalab and Christian Junge.

A detailed 3D wire-frame model was used to model the staircase stringers beams, tread and landing plates and balustrade.

This complete model enabled us to consider combined stiffness of all the individual elements acting together, therefore reducing the structural sections required.

  • Façade architect: ÜberRaum Ltd
  • Staircase architect: Patalab