Jacques Gaudin

Senior Structural Engineer

Diplome D’Ingenieur – Master in Engineering (2002)

After graduated from Ecole Centrale de Nantes Jacques decided to broaden his horizons. Having completed apprenticeships in metalworking and blacksmithing he travelled around the world as a Journeyman, maker and product designer. Along the way Jacques also qualified as a sommelier, which has proved very useful at our parties!

In addition to his broad range of skills Jacques is also excellent at coding and has written bespoke scripts and modules using Python and Grasshopper. This has allowed us to develop efficient and optimised  systems quickly and easily for live projects.

Since joining StructureMode in 2014 Jacques has worked on a broad range of projects including refurbishments, new build, basement additions, sculptures and humanitarian projects in several African countries.

Last summer Jacques volunteered for two months to help build a new hospital in Zambia, which he designed using catenary vaulted roof structures – made of Hydraform bricks using cement stabilised earth.

Jacques has a wonderful grasp of engineering, technology and creativity which makes him a real asset to any project team.